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Escrow Services For Tracts And Subdivisions

Stonegate Escrow Inc. is a neutral third party that can facilitate your tract or subdivision escrow transaction.  Our tract and subdivision escrow service is designed to give Buyers, Sellers, Lenders, and all parties involved confidence that no property, money, or documents will change hands until all agreed-upon terms have been met.

Many home Buyers have the goal of owning a home in a subdivision or master planned community.  Subdivisions are properties that have been designed by a developer who purchases a large tract of land and subdivides it into smaller lots as well as common areas for the community.  Depending on the age of the subdivision, the Buyer may purchase a lot from a developer or purchase an existing home from a private owner.

Tract and subdivision escrows may require special coordination.  Stonegate Escrow Inc. can handle all of your tract and subdivision escrow needs to ensure a smooth and accurate transaction.

We protect the interests of both parties involved and facilitate the process by:

  • Preparing escrow instructions and ensuring all documents are executed properly
  • Managing funds and documents as provided by escrow instructions
  • Ordering title search, payoff statements, and other necessary documents
  • Instructing Title Company to record documents – Grand Deed / Deed of Trust
  • Closing escrow when all requirements and conditions are met as agreed upon
  • Distributing funds and documents as detailed by escrow instructions
  • Coordination of Notary Public services
  • Complying with all City, State, and federal guidelines as they apply to the subject property

Stonegate Escrow Inc. tract and subdivision escrow services will ensure that every requirement is met by each party involved to provide a professional transaction that fulfills all mutually agreed-upon written terms until the tract or subdivision escrow is complete.


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